We care about the environment, humans and animals

In close collaboration with our suppliers, mikk-line works tirelessly to offer you better products with minimal harm to nature, animals, and human well-being.

Sustainability actions we have taken so far:


We select better and more responsible materials, in particular recycled materials such as polyester to use up less of our planet’s resources. As of 2024, our products of recycled material will be certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), by Control Union 842535. 

Read more about our use of recycled materials and GRS certification


We want children and their parents to feel safe about using our products, and we want to avoid harmful and toxic chemicals being released into the environment. So we constantly work to make high-quality products without harmful chemicals. Most mikk-line products are OEKO-TEX® certified to guarantee that our products are free from harmful chemicals. We use fluorine-free water-repellent coating (BIONIC FINISH ECO®), phthalate-free rubber and food-grade silicone.

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We reject any type of animal cruelty, so we only apply mulesing-free merino wool from farms with decent conditions for the sheep. Furthermore, we only use synthetic fur – also known as faux fur. With these synthetic fabrics, we avoid any harmful practices towards animals conventionally used to source the fur or leather. The synthetic alternatives are also less expensive, more durable, and easier to clean. 

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We take our social responsibility serious, and we demand human welfare and decent working conditions in our supply chain. We are a proud member of amfori BSCI, which means an independent organisation examines the working conditions at the factories we use.

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We care deeply about children and their well-being, so it is important for us to also support organisations that make a real difference to vulnerable children both locally and abroad.

See the list of our recent donations


We have started using Solution Dye for the taffeta lining in our snowsuits and jackets. Unlike traditional dyeing methods, Solution Dyeing colours the raw material itself, instead of the final yarn/fabric. This new method offers advantages like an 80% reduction in water usage, 85% less chemical usage, and lower CO2 emissions. This process results in long-lasting colors, reduced stain absorption, and less toxic wastewater. 

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We have changed our packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. All shoeboxes and hangtags are made from recycled paper, and we have reduced the number of hangtags. All bags are made of biodegradable plastic instead of virgin plastic from fossil fuels. However, please do not litter – instead research how you can best help nature and manage your waste appropriately.