Social Charity - mikk-line extends a helping hand

As part of our work to lift our social responsibilities, we are engaging in more and more social charity initiatives. We hold a particularly strong sentiment towards initiatives that make a real difference to vulnerable children both locally and abroad. Recently we have supported and engaged in the following social charities:

Ranum reception centre for asylum seekers reached out to mikk-line, because they desperately needed winter outerwear for the children at the reception centre. We gladly shipped a large package of winter outerwear and boots to them, so that the children could also experience the joy of nature this time of the year. 

Land of Hope, which is a Danish aid organisation working to save the lives of African children being accused of witchcraft. We donate mikk-line clothes to be sold by Land of Hope to raise money for their honourable work. 

Julehjæ, which is a non-profit organisation that each year helps vulnerable Danish families with necessities to have a comfortable and joyful Christmas holiday. Mikk-line contributed to LUXKIDS’ donation with outerwear, footwear, and accessories, which was distributed by Julehjæ as presents to children all over Denmark.

Save the Children’s humanitarian aid for children in Ukraine, to which LUXKIDS donated profits from its sample sales in 2022 and 2023.