Wellies and boots of natural rubber without harmful chemicals

For mikk-line boots and wellies, we have opted for natural rubber (also called ISOPRENE). This is a natural material derived from extracting a liquid sap (latex) of rubber trees, and it is completely free from unwanted, harmful substances.

All mikk-line wellies and boots are made with natural rubber, and do not contain phthalates, heavy metals, chlorinated paraffins or PAH's.

Boots and wellies made with natural rubber have excellent wear and tear resistance. They are waterproof and highly durable, yet super comfortable for the child, as they are soft and flexible. 

Why is it important to avoid these chemicals in boots and wellies?

Phthalates are chemicals commonly used as plasticizers to make certain products more flexible and durable. However, phthalates are known to interfere with our hormonal system and can cause serious and long-term health problems, particularly in young children. Likewise, PAHs are tar substances which are suspected of being carcinogenic, and chlorinated paraffins are suspected to be endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic.

By choosing natural rubber wellies and boots from mikk-line, you will avoid these unwanted substances. 

How to take care of your natural rubber boots and wellies

- Use an oil-based waterproofing spray (preferably without PFAS) to impregnate your boots/wellies regularly. This helps to moisturize your wellies and prevent them from cracking. Avoid spraying on the outer sole, as it may become slippery.

- Clean your boots or wellies often. Use a soft cloth with water and regular dish soap.

- Let your boots and wellies dry at room temperature. If there is water inside the boots/wellies, fill them with newspaper.

- Avoid exposing your boots and wellies to sunlight and extremely high or low temperatures for long periods.

- Store your boots and wellies upright in a dry, dark, and cool place.

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