Saving water with Solution Dye and ensuring long-lasting colours

We continuously strive to adopt new and efficient production techniques to reduce our impact on the planet’s most critical resources. We are excited to implement Solution Dye in the production of mikk-line kids' outerwear, and we begin by introducing it in dyeing our tafetta lining on polyester/nylon snowsuits, jackets etc.

When using Solutions Dye to colour garments, the raw material itself is dyed. This contrast to the traditional dyeing techniques, where only the outer layer of the yarn or garment is dyed.

Advantages of Solution Dye for you and the planet

- 80% reduction of water consumption.

- 85% reduction of chemical consumption.

- 10% reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

- Significant reduction of toxic wastewater. 

- Long-lasting colours less likely to fade or come off in wash, as the entire thread is coloured. 

- Increased stain resistance, as the fully dyed fiber is less absorbent to stains.

How does Solution Dye work?

The process of Solution Dye begins with a colourless raw material (polymer chips), which is melted with the desired colour pigments.

The melted mixture is pressed through spinnerets and cooled, which creates the synthetic fibers. The fibers are then spun into yarn, and the colour is now confined within the yarn. This differs from traditional dyeing, where the yarn is produced and then dyed.

Finally, the yarn is used to produce the fabric for our kids’ outerwear, and no additional dyeing is necessary.