Care Guide - how to care for your outerwear and give it a long life

Thank you for choosing a mikk-line product for your child! We hope that it will contribute to many happy childhood memories, while providing comfort and fulfilling its purpose. 

We have put a lot of resources and efforts into making a high-quality outdoor product for your child. To ensure that it gets a long and functional life that justifies the use of our planet’s precious resources, we ask that you take good care of your new mikk-line item, and please pass it on when it can no longer provide value to you and your child.  

Follow the wash and care instructions below, to save energy, water and not least time, which can be used to explore nature with your child.

How to wash and care for outerwear made with synthetic materials

How to wash and care for merino wool products

How to wash and care for natural rubber boots and wellies

Let it be re-loved – please pass it on, sell it, or donate it

Children grow fast, but we aim to make long lasting garments that can be passed on and bring comfort and joy to more than just one child. So, please pass it on to your next child, give it to a friend or family member, sell it via second-hand sale, or donate it to a charity. 

We have made it easier to give our high-quality outerwear garments a second chance, as we have made room for three children’s names on the inside name tag. 

Fix what is broken, or end its days in the best possible way

Despite proper care, accidents happen and might happen to even the best quality items. Instead of discarding your damaged outerwear item, we encourage you to repair it, cover the scratch or hole with a cool patch, or transform it into something new. 

Get creative and add learning to sew to your skillset! Or watch a YouTube tutorial on how to fix your damaged clothes and give them new life.

If you’re time poor, take your clothes to a tailor for alterations and repairs and a good old-fashioned cobbler can work magic on your shoes! Some retailers also offer repair services.

If you see no other option than to discard it, please make sure it is recycled. Research your nearest textile recycling options. Before handing over the item to be recycled, please clean it properly, as this will save a lot of time for recycling facilities. Handover the item in a waterproof bag, especially if the item is slightly moldy, damp or ruined by rain damage. 

Thank you for your contribution to a more sustainable future!