How to wash and care for outerwear of synthetic material
  • Read the wash instructions on the item’s care label.

  • Spot clean with a wet cloth whenever possible. Rainwear, thermal wear, snowsuits, jackets etc. made from synthetic materials can shed microfibers during machine laundering, which can contribute to microplastic pollution in the environment.

  • mikk-line outerwear is dirt repellent, so in most cases you can remove stains manually with a wet cloth.

  • Air the outerwear to freshen up after each use.

  • Avoid machine laundering to preserve the garment’s water- and dirt repellent coating.

  • If machine laundering is unavoidable, close the zipper/Velcro before putting it into the machine. Wash without detergents, and never use softener as it will reduce the garment’s breathable qualities. Wash at low temperatures (30° max).

  • Dry the garment inside-out to make the item dry faster. If your item’s care label has the tumbler icon, you can dry it in tumbler at a low temperature.

  • Synthetic materials persist in the environment for hundreds of years, and they are very difficult to fully degrade. So, it is of paramount importance that you donate or recycle it when you can no longer use it.

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