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Winter Wellies - Blue Nights


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These solid coloured mikk-line winter wellies with warm lining are made with natural rubber and phthalates free. The wellies are naturally waterproof, warm, and practical for children who love to jump in water puddles or play in the wet grass, sand, or snow. The wellies are available in size 19-38 across various colours for both boys and girls.

- Equipped with laces to adjust the top of the wellies and minimise the risk of getting water or snow into the wellies.
- Warm and insulating lining made of 30% wool, which also has incredible moisture-wicking properties.
- Soft, removable insoles that lets you find the right fit for your child. In case water slips into the wellies, you can remove the insoles and hang them to dry.
- The child is safer in the dark due to the 3M reflective details with a long-distance reflection.
- It is safe to walk on slippery surfaces, as the wellies have non-slip outer soles with grooves to lead the water away.
- No phtatales, heavy metals, chlorinated paraffins or PAH's.

SIZE GUIDE (Insole length in centimetres)
19 12.5
20 13.1
21 13.8
22 14.5
23 15.1
24 15.8
25 16.5
26 17.1
27 17.8
28 18.4
29 19.1
30 19.8
31 20.4
32 21.1
33 21.7
34 22.4
35 23.1
36 23.8
37 24.5
38 25.1

- Use an oil-based waterproofing spray (preferably without PFAS) to impregnate the wellies regularly. This helps to moisturize the wellies and prevent them from cracking. Avoid spraying on the outer sole, as it may become slippery.
- Clean the wellies often. Use a soft cloth with water and a gentle soap.
- Let the wellies dry at room temperature. If there is water inside the boots/wellies, fill them with newspaper.
- Avoid exposing the wellies to sunlight and extremely high or low temperatures for long periods.
- Store the wellies upright in a dry, dark, and cool place.

Brand: Mikk-Line

Style no. 38035

Color: Blue Nights

Quality: 43% Natural Rubber, 35% Calciumcarbonat, 10% Styrene Rubber, 5% Silica White, 1% Sulfur, 6% Others

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