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3D Wellies (Giraffe) - Brown sugar


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Mikk-line wellies featuring a 3D lion print design, which makes it extra fun for the little animal lover to go outside in wet weather. These wellies are made with natural rubber and phthalates free. They feature flexible bare feet soles, which ensures a natural position for the feet. The wellies are naturally waterproof and practical for children who enjoy jumping in water puddles, or playing in the wet grass or sand. Their reflective details improve the child's visibility in the dark, and the bare feet soles imitate a natural walk, like walking barefoot.

- Waterproof.
- 3D animal print.
- Flexible bare feet sole and zero-drop.
- Thin and practical lining.
- Soft removable insoles.
- Strong reflective details.
- Easy to clean.
- Natural rubber.
- No phtatales, heavy metals, chlorinated paraffins or PAH's.

Insole length in centimetres. Remember to account for 1-1,5 centimeters for the feet to grow.
Size 21 = 13,8
Size 22 = 14,5
Size 23 = 15,1
Size 24 = 15,8
Size 25 = 16,5
Size 26 = 17,1
Size 27 = 17,8
Size 28 = 18,4
Size 29 = 19,1
Size 30 = 19,8
Size 31 = 20,4
Size 32 = 21,1
Size 33 = 21,7
Size 34 = 22,4
Size 35 = 23,1

- In case water slips into the wellies, you can remove the insoles and hang them to dry.
- Use an oil-based waterproofing spray (preferably without PFAS) to impregnate the wellies regularly. This helps to moisturize the wellies and prevent them from cracking. Avoid spraying on the outer sole, as it may become slippery.
- Clean the wellies often. Use a soft cloth with water and a gentle soap.
- Let the wellies dry at room temperature. If there is water inside the boots/wellies, fill them with newspaper.
- Avoid exposing the wellies to sunlight and extremely high or low temperatures for long periods.
- Store the wellies upright in a dry, dark, and cool place.Cute wellies with a beautiful 3D animal at the front. This is a practical waterproof wellie, that keeps the childrens feet dry when jumping into water puddles. The wellies are provided with reflective details that makes your child visible in the dark. On the inside, the wellies have a lightweight textile and a removable insole. The outer sole has anti-slip so your child can walk safe on slippery surfaces.

Brand: Mikk-Line

Style no. 38053

Color: Brown sugar

Quality: 42% Natural Rubber, 2% Rubber, 44% Calcium Carbonate, 12% Other (Sulfur, accelerator, Zinc oxide, Stearic acid

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